LPN nurse

Travel LPN Nurse

How to Become a Travel LPN Nurse

Becoming a Travel LPN nurse is an exciting opportunity, but it's not one to be taken lightly. There are a myriad of pluses and minuses in terms of the job that we will delve into in the coming paragraphs. Generally speaking, you may be looking at minor pay increases over a 'normal' job, but at the cost of job security and being the lowest employee on the ladder (and thus becoming stuck with scut work). While it can be exciting, being a travel nurse also means that you have to be ready to pick and move, often with very little notice. Typically they are short term assignments that can include compensation for travel and housing during your employment. If you're already licensed in a state but hired to work elsewhere, traditionally the agency in charge of your hire can assist you in your certification.

What to Expect as an LPN Travel Nurse

Typical assignments can run from one month all the way to six, although it really depends on the job. Once working, if you find yourself particularly smitten with the environment, you may request permanent employment. This is usually something that can be worked out, but of course after that you'll be paying for your own lodging and you won't be getting a premium salary as you did when you were in a temporary position.

Benefits and Salary of Being an LPN Travel Nurse

The other issue to consider is benefits. As a temp worker, you might be inclined to think that you will not qualify as a travel nurse. In fact, you'll be quite pleased to learn the opposite is true. Most of the time when you sign up as a visiting LPN, you're contracting with an agency and not a hospital. This means that the hiring group will not only be paying you, but also responsible for the benefits package, and in many cases, this can include 401k contributions, sick leave, health insurance, dental, workers compensation and other items. Add in the fact that working a travel LPN nurse may include a signing or hiring bonus and you can see why the position can be very appealing.