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Online LPN Schools

There are a vast number of online LPN programs available today, and finding the right one can be a challenge. First of all, you should know that any legitimate licensed practitioner of nursing course will require at least some in-person attendance to complete real world tasks. You need this experience for when you're a nurse and the more practice you get, the better. This will involve administering medications, practice client/nurse interactions, and multiple other educational experiences which simply cannot be replicated via a computer on the internet. However, having said that there are quite a number of good and accredited LPN programs online. Additionally you may find yourself saving money by choosing one of the programs available.

State Online Programs

Once you know which state you wish to practice in, your best bet is contacting the local board of nursing. They will be able to give you a general idea of which online LPN programs are accredited and which they have received complaints about. They also may well provide you some advice on good programs in a non-official capacity off the record. So, the first step in deciding on a program is knowing which are legitimate in the eyes of the board; after this step eliminate all non qualified courses.

Getting a Job with an Online Degree

Another helpful step, should you choose to accept it, is to call and ask potential employers which programs they find to be the best at preparing their students for the demands of a nursing job. You'll make a few contacts that will help after graduation and in turn receive valuable advice as well. Simply look in your newspaper or where ever nursing jobs are posted and give them a call. Some may be too busy to talk to you but others will likely be glad to spend just a couple of minutes going over their experiences. If you already know where you want to work after you become licensed, then this step is a definite no brainer.

These are just some of the ways to choose an online LPN course, and of course there are many more factors to consider as well, just as cost and timing. The best advice is simply to do your research prior to signing up.