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LPN Certification

National Certification: NCLEX-PN Test

The national certification test to become a licensed practical nurse is called the NCLEX-PN. It's shorthand for National Council Licensure Examination. This exam is offered by the national council of state boards of nursing. Going to the NCSBN website will provide you with further information on test registration and locations. The test is administered via computer and the majority of it is multiple choice with four options, though there are other sections. You should also be aware that the test costs $200 per exam.

How to Register for the LPN Test

There basically eight steps in the test process. The first is to apply to the state nursing board where you wish to practice. Then register for the NCLEX exam at a Person VUE center eight in person, by phone, mail, or on the internet. You will then receive confirmation from the testing center and from the nursing board that you are eligible to proceed. Once you get your testing authorization, you have about one year within which to schedule an exam. You can schedule the exam on the phone or using the internet. Take the exam on the day you schedule it and then, provided you have passed, you should receive your test results from the state nursing board within one month of taking the exam.

How to Pass the LPN Test

The LPN exam is made up of four main sections, called client needs. They include Caring, Communication and Documentation, Clinical Problem Solving Processes (Nursing Processes), and Teaching and Learning. The caring section is made up of questions about bedside manner and sensitivity. Communication and documentation deal with more standard issues such as dosing schedules and record keeping. Clinical problem solving is more about complicated issues that will require you to evaluate situations in a critical manner. The final section, teaching and learning, is largely just what it sounds like. See the NCLEX-PN section of the NCSBN website (check out our links page) for more information.